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Dutch Tourism on salesmission to South Korea

In the beginning of June, we went to Seoul, South Korea. This salesmission was made possible by Air France-KLM, The embassy of the Netherlands and Best of Holland. We had meetings with several tour operators, to help them make new itineraries and offer them better rates for hotels and excursions.

Also we wenst to the Hana Tour International Travel Show at the Korea exhibition centre (Kintex). More then 75 national and international companies specialized in the tourism industry attended this expo. Many families came on saturday to this fair, to get inspired and allready book their holiday to e.g. Europe, Dubai, New Zealand and much more countries or regions. We learned a lot about the Korean culture and the needs of Korean travellers. Based on this new information we will make new tourpackages for our customers. When you allready want the latest inforamtion about these packages, please contact our colleagues. Call: +31 85 444 4950 or send an e-mail to

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