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Let me introduce myself: Tuğçe Yalçın

Hello! My name is Tuğçe. I am 19 years old and I study Tourism Management at the Inholland, University of Applied Sciences in Diemen. You’re probably thinking, what a crazy name does she have? That's because I am of Turkish descent, but I was born and raised in the Netherlands. My name is pronounced as "Too-chè" in English. I am often called "Toetsje" or sometimes even "Toetje" in Dutch (which means dessert) because my name is too difficult to pronounce. My hobbies are volleyball, playing the piano, drawing, watching series and scrolling aimlessly on TikTok.

My passion for tourism started at an early age. Ever since I can remember, my family and I always go on holiday to Turkey by car once every two years to visit our family. During our road trip, we of course drive through many amazing European countries and admire different cultures. That's how my interest in cultures, languages, and travel began. I have 2 native languages, Dutch and Turkish, I speak fluent English and I have basic knowledge of Spanish and French.

From February 1st, I am officially an intern at Dutch Tourism. I can't wait to learn a lot from Remon and his team. For the first time, I will actually work and gain experience in the tourism sector. I'm super excited!

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